Piston & Rod Assembly

Manufacturer Model Bore Size Rod Size Length Description
Ingersoll RandRDS9.50"2.125"5.5" Stroke, 2 piece, 2 riders, 3 rings, 121.65 lbs
Ingersoll RandHOS13.00"2.5"HOS, Piston: 13" Rod: 2.5"
Ingersoll RandRDS23.00"2.125"
White SuperiorMW15.75"2.25"
Ingersoll RandRDS7.00"2.125"RDS, Piston: 7" Rod: 2.125"
WorthingtonS.CUB6.5"2.5"36"6" Stroke
WorthingtonS CUB8.5"2.5"6" Stroke
WorthingtonS.CUB13.75"2.5"6" Stroke
ArielJGA:P:Q10.5"1.125"21.802"3" Stroke
Ingersoll RandRDS6.00"2.125"5.5" Stroke
Ingersoll RandRDS6.50"2.125"22"5.5" Stroke
Ingersoll RandRDS6"2.125"44.625"5.5" Stroke
Ingersoll RandRDS7"2.125"44"5.5" Stroke
Ingersoll RandRDS7.5"2.125"22.125"5.5" Stroke
Ingersoll RandRDS11"2.125"40"5.5" Stroke
Ingersoll RandRDS11.5"2.125"
Ingersoll RandRDS12"2.125"5.5" Stroke
Ingersoll RandRDS13"2.125"5.5" Stroke
White SuperiorW6E7"2.25"6" Stroke
Ingersoll RandRDS26"2.125"5.5" Stroke
Superior9.75"2.5"Call for more information
SuperiorRAM10.25"2"5" Stroke
Superior7.5"2.5"Call for more information
Dresser RandHOS7.00"2.50"65.25"Rebuilt
Unocal8.5"3.5"64"Call for more information
Ingersoll RandKOC16.25"1.875"Call for more information
Superior12.5"2.5"Call for more information
SuperiorRAM15.5"2"5" Stroke
ArielJGK10.50"2"5.5" Stroke
Unocal12"2.125"70"Call for more information
Unocal11"3"41"Call for more information
joyWBF6"2"Call for more information
WorthingtonCUB11.25"2"5" Stroke
Chicago PneumaticFE66513.00"2.25"6" Stroke
Chicago Pneumatic7.50"2"2.00" Rod
Unocal8.5"55"Call for more information
JGKUsed and 2 Brand New Pistons and Rods Available Part # D-3074 D-3075 C-1452

Piston Rods

Name Manufacturer Model Bore Size Rod Size Length Description
Piston RodWS57.25"WS 2.75" x 57.25" Piston Rod, For WG Compressor Frame
Piston Rod42"2.25" x 42" Piston Rod
Piston RodGemini22-7/8"Gemini 1.1.25" x 22-7/8" rod with 3" piston
Piston RodWSSuperior, 2" rod, For 11" cylinder, W-64 Frame
Piston RodWorthingtonS CUB36.07"Worth. 2.5" S CUB piston rod
Piston Rod AssyArielJGP,JGO,JGA20.305"Piston Rod Only, 3" Stroke
Piston RodArielJGA:P:Q25.5"3" Stroke
Piston RodArielJG:M:N25.273"3.5" Stroke
Piston RodArielJGR28.885"4.25" Stroke
Piston RodArielJGR23.142"4.25" Stroke
Piston RodArielJGR25.138"4.25" Stroke
Piston RodArielJG:M:N23.515"3.5" Stroke
Piston RodArielJG:M:N25.512"3.5" Stroke
Piston RodArielJG:M:N36.713"3.5" Stroke
Piston RodArielJGK47.433"5.5" Stroke
Piston RodIRHOS43"Call for more information
Piston RodIRHOS43"Call for more information
Piston RodIRHOS44.25"Call for more information
Piston RodWorthingtonWorthington Piston rod, NEW w/ nut
Piston Rod28.5"Used, 1.935" x 28.5" Piston rod
Piston RodGemini22-7/8"Gemini 1.1.25" x 22-7/8" rod with 3" piston
Piston RodWS39-11/16WS 2.5" x 39-11/16" Piston Rod
Piston RodIngersoll RandRDS42-7/16"Ingersoll Rand 2.125" x 42-7/16" RDS Piston Rod


Manufacturer Model Bore Size Rod Size Length Description
Worthington15.5"Piston Half
ArielJGC6.75" JGC
WorthingtonWorthington 10 3/4 x 6s piston half, NEW
Cooper16" Power Piston


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