Compressor Cylinder Heads

Manufacturer Model Part # Bore Description
Ingersoll RandRDS23.00" OEM, VVCP
Ingersoll RandRDSOuter, 11.5" Volume bottle style
Ingersoll RandRDS9.50" OEM, VVCP
Ingersoll RandRDS8.00" Standard Head, with volume pocket
Ingersoll RandRDS6.50" Standard Head
Ingersoll RandRDS6.00" VVCP
Ingersoll RandHOS9.50", VVCP
Ingersoll RandHHE17.00", Inner
Ingersoll RandHHE27.50", Inner
ArielJGC,JGD15.875", Standard Head
ArielJG7.50", Standard Head
ArielJGK6.75" OEM, VVCP
ArielJGK6.00" OEM, VVCP
ArielJG:A6.125", Standard Head
Worthington13.75", NEW VVCP
Worthington11.50" OEM, VVCP
WorthingtonWX10.75" OEM, VVCP
Worthington9.25" OEM, VVCP
Worthington8.00" OEM VVCP
WorthingtonCUB6.50", Outer
JoyWB14.00", Outer
White SuperiorMW25.50" OEM VVCP
White Superior14.625", VVCP
ArielJGK17.875"17.875" K VVP
ArielJG:AC-171713.5"Crank End, 13.5' JG:A, One Piece
ArielJGRC-3504-5/8"4.625", Standard Head
ArielJGR:H:EC-7386-3/86.375", Standard Head
ArielJGR:T:RJC-3368"Inboard, 8.00"
ArielJGR:RT:RJ:RJTC-3577"Crank End, 7.00"
ArielJGC:DC-19467.25"7.25", Standard Head
ArielJG:A:W:JC-7098-7/8"8.875", Standard head
ArielJGRC-38213.5"13.50", Standard Head
ArielJGN/A6.256.25", VVP
ArielJGR:RJC-2335.125"Crank End, 5.125"


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