Piston & Rod Assembly

NameModelBore SizeRod SizeLengthDescriptionManufacturer
Piston Rod AssyS.CUB6.5"2.5"36"6" StrokeWorthington
Piston Rod AssyS CUB8.5"2.5"6" StrokeWorthington
Piston Rod AssyS.CUB13.75"2.5"6" StrokeWorthington
Piston Rod AssyCUB11.25"2"5" StrokeWorthington
Piston Rod AssyMW15.75"2.25"White Superior
Piston Rod AssyW6E7"2.25"6" StrokeWhite Superior
Piston Rod Assy8.5"3.5"64"Call for more informationUnocal
Piston Rod Assy12"2.125"70"Call for more informationUnocal
Piston Rod Assy11"3"41"Call for more informationUnocal
Piston Rod Assy8.5"55"Call for more informationUnocal
Piston Rod Assy9.75"2.5"Call for more informationSuperior
Piston Rod AssyRAM10.25"2"5" StrokeSuperior
Piston Rod Assy7.5"2.5"Call for more informationSuperior
Piston Rod Assy12.5"2.5"Call for more informationSuperior
Piston Rod AssyRAM15.5"2"5" StrokeSuperior
Piston Rod AssyWBF6"2"Call for more informationjoy
Piston Rod AssyHOS13.00"2.5"HOS, Piston: 13" Rod: 2.5"Ingersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyRDS23.00"2.125"Ingersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyRDS7.00"2.125"RDS, Piston: 7" Rod: 2.125"Ingersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyRDS6.00"2.125"5.5" StrokeIngersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyRDS6.50"2.125"22"5.5" StrokeIngersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyRDS6"2.125"44.625"5.5" StrokeIngersoll Rand
Piston+Rod AssyRDS7"2.125"44"5.5" StrokeIngersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyRDS7.5"2.125"22.125"5.5" StrokeIngersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyRDS11"2.125"40"5.5" StrokeIngersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyRDS11.5"2.125"Ingersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyRDS12"2.125"5.5" StrokeIngersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyRDS13"2.125"5.5" StrokeIngersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyRDS26"2.125"5.5" StrokeIngersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyKOC16.25"1.875"Call for more informationIngersoll Rand
Piston Rod AssyHOS7.00"2.50"65.25"RebuiltDresser Rand
Piston Rod AssyFE66513.00"2.25"6" StrokeChicago Pneumatic
Piston Rod Assy7.50"2"2.00" RodChicago Pneumatic
Piston Rod AssyJGA:P:Q10.5"1.125"21.802"3" StrokeAriel
Piston Rod AssyJGK10.50"2"5.5" StrokeAriel

Piston Rods

NameModelPart #LengthDescriptionManufacturer
Piston Rod57.25"WS 2.75" x 57.25" Piston Rod, For WG Compressor FrameWS
Piston RodSuperior, 2" rod, For 11" cylinder, W-64 FrameWS
Piston Rod39-11/16WS 2.5" x 39-11/16" Piston RodWS
Piston RodS CUB36.07"Worth. 2.5" S CUB piston rodWorthington
Piston Rod303248CE1Worthington Piston rod, NEW w/ nutWorthington
Piston RodHOSZ6743"Call for more informationIR
Piston RodHOSZ6843"Call for more informationIR
Piston RodHOSZ4944.25"Call for more informationIR
Piston RodRDS42-7/16"Ingersoll Rand 2.125" x 42-7/16" RDS Piston RodIngersoll Rand
Piston Rod22-7/8"Gemini 1.1.25" x 22-7/8" rod with 3" pistonGemini
Piston Rod22-7/8"Gemini 1.1.25" x 22-7/8" rod with 3" pistonGemini
Piston Rod AssyJGP,JGO,JGA20.305"Piston Rod Only, 3" StrokeAriel
Piston RodJGA:P:QC-12725.5"3" StrokeAriel
Piston RodJG:M:NC-12825.273"3.5" StrokeAriel
Piston RodJGRC-15428.885"4.25" StrokeAriel
Piston RodJGRC-23723.142"4.25" StrokeAriel
Piston RodJGRC-35225.138"4.25" StrokeAriel
Piston RodJG:M:NC-109923.515"3.5" StrokeAriel
Piston RodJG:M:NC-117725.512"3.5" StrokeAriel
Piston RodJG:M:NC-127236.713"3.5" StrokeAriel
Piston RodJGKC-145247.433"5.5" StrokeAriel
Piston Rod42"2.25" x 42" Piston Rod
Piston Rod28.5"Used, 1.935" x 28.5" Piston rod


NameModelPart #Bore SizeWidthDescriptionManufacturer
Piston221539AC315.5"Piston HalfWorthington
Piston656-14-9A16"16" Power PistonCooper
PistonJGCC-12336.75" JGCAriel


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