Con Rods

NameModelPart #DescriptionManufacturer
Con Rod210535A1Rebuilt, with bushing and bearing, 2 in stockWorthington
Con Rod2105071-2S-CUB, CoreWorthington
Con RodOF5H-4210583-1OF5H-4, Rebuilt, Bolt Spider, 4 in StockWorthington
Con RodOF5H-4210583-2OF5H-4, RebuiltWorthington
Con RodOF6H/M2106071OF6H/M, Rebuilt, 3 in StockWorthington
Con Rod6698-3-P1W-64, RebuiltWhite Superior
Con RodW-64E-022-918W-64, RebuiltWhite Superior
Con RodVHP205407HVHP, CoreWaukesha
Con RodVHP205700EVHP, CoreWaukesha
Con RodKOCMD-56KOC, RebuiltKnight
Con RodRDS42156430Call for more informationIngersoll Rand
Con RodWG-64R7781WG-64, NewIngersoll Rand
Con RodMLC200MLC003NCall for more informationGardner Denver
Con RodJGM:PAD-124Call for more informationAriel
Con RodJGJCD-0057Call for more informationAriel
Con RodJGWAD-0227Call for more informationAriel
Con RodJGJD-1152Call for more informationAriel
Con RodJGAD-1043Call for more informationAriel
Con RodJGE:KD-973Call for more informationAriel
Con RodJGK:EAD-0973Call for more informationAriel
Con RodDPC-360SB2895-ADPC-360SB, CoreAjax
Con RodDPC-360SBAF-2895-ACall for more informationAjax


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